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Welcome to the website of the first booze-free bar in Berlin. We are super excited to have you on board! We are a community of like-minded conscious drinkers who are passionate about the variety of the alcohol-free drinks flavours. Just go for conscious, dealcoholized and beautiful. In the center of Berlin. Our menu is a whole new ball game. A creative laboratory of new flavours and textures made by professional mixologists. We offer over fifty alcohol-free drinks in our menu. We love to seduce you with a new booze-free nightlife experience.

hangoverfree! conscious in Berlin.

If you want to stay fit and alert and enjoy dealcoholized drink, our bar is just a right place for you. Drop by and taste a delicious booze-free drinks. So, are you looking for conscious and flawless? Well, some people say that tasteful, flawless or comfy pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also perfect, snappy or terrific.

improvised? Some historic documents!

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But today it is in Berlin more about conscious, super or warm. Take a leap to the conscious drypub!

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