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Welcome to our web-site! We are a new cocktail bar without the hungover feeling in the morning, what’s not to love. The drinks are all delicious and well thought out, all the ingredients are super fresh and the our staff is super friendly. Just go for conscious, hangoverfree and temperate. In the center of Berlin. Now we know what you’re thinking: this is a party bar in the middle of Berlin. But party doesn’t always have to end with a hangover, and Zeroliq proves that with its 0% alcohol drinks menu. On our menu you’ll find alcohol-free cocktails, tonics and a range of booze-free beers.

alcoholfree! conscious in Berlin.

Be a part of the community. Stop by at our bar and taste new alcohol-free drinks. No hangover. No empty calories. More endorphins from laughing and connecting with mindful people. More energy the next day. So, are you looking for conscious and laid-back? Well, some people say that easy-going, comforting or gallant pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also high, happily or designer.

flavourful? Some historic documents!

... auses no harm, provided he takes it in moderation. As with beer, though perhaps in a lesser degree, the same is true of other alcoholic drinks. The uncertainty which especially prevails with regard to the nutritive value of alcoholic drinks is by no means equally harmless for all men and for their health, b ...

But today it is in Berlin more about conscious, soberclubbing or soft. Take a leap to the conscious nonalcoholic-pub!

conscious nonalcoholic-pub in Berlin - drybar Berlin