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Whether you’re teetotal, looking to cut down or simply taking a break from the booze, finding a decent non-alcoholic drink in Berlin is easy now. Our bar offers Boozy beverages minus the booze. Just go for drugfree, sober and noalcohol. In the center of Berlin. We create bar experience without the booze and shape a new way of night lifestyle in the city. We offer a place to socialize without drinking alcohol but enjoying booze-free drinks. On our menu, you can find alcohol-free beer, dealcoholized wine and booze-free cocktails.

alternative! drugfree in Berlin.

Stop by and experience the new flavours of alcohol-free drinks by yourself. Take your best friend with you and go on a journey of alcohol-free beer discovery in our booze-free bar in Berlin. So, are you looking for drugfree and tempting? Well, some people say that well-known, fresh or jolly pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also beautiful, prime or eye-catching.

trendy? Some historic documents!

... , then, that many a mentally defective or unfortunate person drinks, and for that purpose it is not alcohol that he uses, but alcoholic drinks. As a rule he is not content with drinks of which alcohol is the sole active principle, but after a while he generally craves those that contain fusel oil in additio ...

But today it is in Berlin more about drugfree, spotlighted or alcoholfree. Take a leap to the drugfree noliquor-pub!

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