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Welcome to the website of our alcohol-free bar in Berlin. We guarantee to give you a good night out minus the hangover the next day. Just go for hangoverfree, impressive and genius. In the center of Berlin. We offer booze-free beer, wine and cocktail to everyone who is curious and interested to experience new flavours. We are the first booze-free bar based in Berlin. We love the booze-free bar experience and mindful drinking time. We serve virgin cocktails, beverage made without alcoholic ingredients.

cosy! hangoverfree in Berlin.

Check it out! Be passionately curious and meet like-minded people at Zeroliq! So, are you looking for hangoverfree and local? Well, some people say that liquorfree, boozeless or alcohol-free pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also boozeless, superior or boozefree.

nonalcoholic? Some historic documents!

... it is formed in almost every organism when it is not artificially furnished to it. If we seek for the origin of the alcohol thus formed normally in living beings, from plants to man, we do not encounter pathological curiosities, but normal metabolic processes which go on within the cells themselves, and the ...

But today it is in Berlin more about hangoverfree, sober or sophisticated. Take a leap to the hangoverfree dry-pub!

hangoverfree dry-pub in Berlin - drybar Berlin