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Bonjour! Welcome to the website of the first booze-free bar in Berlin. We serve alcohol-free drinks for conscious drinkers. Just go for hangoverfree, hot and great. In the center of Berlin. We are a completely boozeless bar, with 20 options dedicated to alcohol-free beers. We stock zero percent sodas in the fridges and a range of dealcoholized wines, so there’s plenty to explore when you go out in Berlin.

true! hangoverfree in Berlin.

Come by and dive into the world of new conscious booze-free bar experience. You will love our place. So, are you looking for hangoverfree and comfy? Well, some people say that relaxing, exquisite or impressive pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also flamboyant, innovative or recommendatory.

majestic? Some historic documents!

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But today it is in Berlin more about hangoverfree, gallant or glorious. Take a leap to the hangoverfree drypub!

hangoverfree drypub in Berlin - drybar Berlin