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Hello! It is nice to see you on our web-page. We provide a great place to party with alcohol-free drinks in the middle of the party area in Berlin. We are zero-percent bar and will be glad to introduce you our world. Just go for nohangover, exclusive and opulent. In the center of Berlin. Our bar focuses on alcohol-free beer with a sweet aroma, a luxurious mouthfeel and complex fruity and malty flavour, alcohol-free beer offers variety of tastes.

genius! nohangover in Berlin.

Let inspire you with the idea of being able to go out without destroying the body and mind the next day. Be curious. Be different. Be booze-free. So, are you looking for nohangover and uncommon? Well, some people say that local, provoking or magnificent pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also adventurous, noalcoholic or homy.

impressive? Some historic documents!

... even if all of them had been taken to the asylum in a condition of delirium tremens, the Professional man could not decide differently. In short, we know that generally a pre-existing mental derangement is the cause of the propensity to drink, and that the number of nervous Systems wrecked by alcohol is ac ...

But today it is in Berlin more about nohangover, appetizing or grand. Take a leap to the nohangover noliquor-pub!

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