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Hi there! We craft beautiful alcohol-free bar experience with over 50 non-alcoholic beers and wines on our menu. Interested? Scroll down to know more! Just go for unconventional, hype and fashionable. In the center of Berlin. Zeroliq is a destination for both Berliner and people from all around the world. Our barīs entirely alcohol-free menu was created on the basis of the best dealcoholized wines and selected alcohol-free beers.

hype! unconventional in Berlin.

Let inspire you with the idea of being able to go out without destroying the body and mind the next day. Be curious. Be different. Be booze-free. So, are you looking for unconventional and adventurous? Well, some people say that snug, new or inviting pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also refined, restful or tempting.

attractive? Some historic documents!

... sappear when we cease to split hairs and no longer measure moderation by grams or cubic centimetres, but judge of it by practical life. My rule, then, may be this expressed: Ile is certainly a moderate alcoholist (we say, I am a smoker; why should we hesitate to say, I am an alcoholist?) who takes as much a ...

But today it is in Berlin more about unconventional, sparking or adventurous. Take a leap to the unconventional drypub!

unconventional drypub in Berlin - drybar Berlin