nonalcoholic-pub in Berlin - just zerobooze

clean, zerobooze, revolutionary and great


We are happy you are on the dry wave! Our first alcohol-free bar in Berlin is not about getting drunk, it its about savouring the experience. Have a look on our page to get the first idea about the variety of our alcohol-free beers, dealcoholized wines and non-alcoholic cocktails. Just go for zerobooze, fascinating and relaxed. In the center of Berlin. We offer inviting, chill atmosphere and a great place to take drinking & non-drinking friends alike for an adventurous tasting experience. Flawless, amazing cocktails and outstanding bartenders will shape your booze-free evening.

charming! zerobooze in Berlin.

Walk in, sit down, and order an alcohol-free drink of your choice from the menu you will be surprised with the variety of flavours. So, are you looking for zerobooze and elegant? Well, some people say that healthy, bold or uncommon pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also hype, grand or alcoholfree.

merry? Some historic documents!

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But today it is in Berlin more about zerobooze, uncommon or outstanding. Take a leap to the zerobooze nonalcoholic-pub!

zerobooze nonalcoholic-pub in Berlin - drybar Berlin